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Overview of the Calendar field. Check in, in house, block room and the holding area. All of your reservations in one place.


Room Status

To change the status of the room, right click on the dot and select a new status.

Yellow dot = Clean Room

White dot = Inspected Room

Red dot = Dirty Room

Red Triangle = Indicates a broken room

Red circle = Do not disturb

 FYI : If you hover over icons throughout the PMS a text will appear to explain what the icon means. 


Zoom in or out

Adjust the view of your calendar to your liking with zoom.

  • The + sign is to zoom in. Zoom in to make the grid bigger and clearer.

  • The - sign is to zoom out. Zoom out in order to fit more of your rooms on the screen. Note that less of the information for the reservation will be visible on the screen (abbreviations icons etc.).


Add notes on a date or a room

You can enter important dates or details on a specific date on your calendar. When hovering with the mouse over the bottom right corner of the date, a pencil icon will appear that you can click on to add your note. 

A yellow star will appear on the dates that include notes, hover above it or click it to see the note.

The same logic applies to each room.



Check in & Check status

  • Checked-in reservations will have the color of the payment status as filled in/solid.

  • Reservations due to check in will have a white color in the middle

  • Checked-out reservation will have a gray color in the middle. 

Payment Color

  • If a reservation is paid, the outer frame of the booking will be green.

  • If payment has not been paid, the outer frame of the booking will be red.

  • If a partial payment has been made on a reservation, the outer frame of the booking will be yellow.

  • If a company is paying for a reservation, the outer frame of the booking will be blue


How to block a room

You can block a room for sale by right clicking on the calendar and select Block room.

Select the date range to close, specify the reason and save.

The calendar will show the blocked room on the calendar. To reopen the room, right click on the block, select manage block, click clear, save and confirm. 




Holding Area

It is an area for booking where the rooms cannot fit into the room type that was booked. The reception will have to move other reservations on the calendar around to be able to fit a reservation to the calendar.
Holding area does block availability of the room type it is booked in.
Holding area does not block other room types.
This means that in the matter of the property being fully booked, overbooked in standard rooms but have 1 superior rooms left, the superior room would still be available online until the reservation on the holding area has been moved from standard room to superior room.

Why does a reservation drop to the holding area?

  • For example, this booking was placed in the Holding Area. The guest booked a Double room for 3 nights.

  • In the system, the double room is available for 3 nights but not in the same room for the entire stay, this is when a reservation will drop down to the holding area.

  • Reception therefore has to move the booking room 8 at the middle level to room 4 instead.

  • Then the bookings that are in the Holding Area can be moved up to room 8 for all three nights.

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