Connecting Channel Manager

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After the connections are set and synced, any updates of rates, availability, manual modification of bookings (in the calendar) etc need to be done through the PMS, and the channel manager will update the channels that are connected.  


Connecting channel manager to your sales channels

If you will be using the channel manager connection provided by Booking Factory*, please read the information below. 

This is a delicate and precise process, so besides your cooperation, we will need the following:

  1. list of your ID numbers (usernames) for each of the channels that we will be connecting (in some cases additional information is needed); Please attach file received from the channels, with all codes and necessary notes specific for each channel and your connection/ contract with the channel.

  2. make sure your pricing is up to date in Booking Factory PMS (and that previously made future bookings are imported

  3. and make sure that your room (type name, occupancy etc) and rate (name, conditions, occupancy etc) configuration, matches the configuration on OTAs and vice versa (here is some help for defining your room types); if needed, create additional rates and set their pricing. Also be careful to match the occupancy/ per room pricing (and let us know which one you are using!)

  4. remove any derivations on rate categories on OTAs that you want to have mapped. Rates that you have in PMS are the ones to be mapped through channel managers to the rates you have on your sales channels. Currencies need to match as well. 

  5. log into your account/ extranet on every online channel that you need us to connect, and connect and approve new channel manager (in their extranet) - you can either do it on your own or send them a request to do the switch. (click here for instructions) and Expedia (click here for instructions) allow you to do the connection on your own. Almost all other OTAs and other channels require that you contact them / send them a written request for the connection with a channel manager (please consult us for the best channel manager provider for your selection of channels). They will then get back to you with a confirmation that they switched the channel manager. 

  6. send us the needed information (log in ID, username, and in some cases passwords and mapping codes received from channels, specifics about the channel - such as allotments, contracted rates, net rates etc) and let us know you are ready for us to start mapping*! 

*We will do the mapping for you in our channel manager.

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