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When you use seasonal rates for your property, it is important to define a set of rules for when you want which rates to be available. 

Although we strongly support a dynamic price structure to your rate management, ideally using revenue management tools such as RoomPriceGenie, we also understand that certain destinations are highly seasonal and most hotels will want to have a base of seasonal rates to build on. For this to work, you first have to set up the parameters for rate input. 


This is done in Settings-Inventory-Seasons and Events:


By default, there is a "Default Season" that covers several years into the future. If you do nothing to set Seasons and Events, you will always have the same rate indefinitely.


When you press the "Add Season or Event" button, a box will appear where you can name a new season, pick a color for it and the dates it should apply to. The color will appear on the calendar in that section of Settings but also at the top of your Bookings/Calendar view in the main TBF user interface.


You repeat this process for each of the seasons you want to set up. On the side of your Seasons and Events tab, you will have the option to "edit" each season. 


You can also press the season to see what rates are affiliated with that season and make any changes to the rates or restrictions you need to make.


Events are slightly different. They are set up the same way but you tick a box saying they are an event. These are shorter events happening in your area that may affect how you would like to price your property, such as Culture Night in Reykjavík and Labour Day Weekend in Akureyri.


This is what the Seasons and Events look like in the Bookings/Calendar view of TBF. 


For setting up the rates themselves and updating them according to the Seasons and Events, please keep on reading


Managing rates and restrictions within Seasons and Events

Once you have set up your Seasons and Events in TheBookingFactory, you can start populating them with rates and restrictions according to your wishes.  


From Settings-Inventory-Seasons and Events, choose the Season or Event you want to change the rates for and press the name of it on the right side. Note: If you press the "edit" pen, you will only change the parameters of the season, the colour, duration etc.

What you are looking for here is for the grid of rates to show up underneath the calendar for you to start working with.


In most cases when setting up Seasons and Events, the point is to make your life easier, not harder. On that note, you should already have your rates set up so that for each room type you have rates derived from one base rate. That way, you can make one adjustment and it be copied according to your wishes on all the other rates.

You will want to make sure the "Filters" are ticking all room types and all rate categories before proceeding, unless you are looking to work with and update only one. In that case, please proceed with caution as it is easy to get lost in the woods and all of a sudden have single rooms be a lot more expensive than a family room, for example. Seasons are set up to simplify your life after you have set them up. Spending all the time you need on setting them up in the first place, is a wise investment of your time. 


In the example above, you will see the Base Rate for each room type in black and the rest of the rates in grey. This indicates that this is the one you want to work with and the others are indeed derived from that one and will adjust to what you do with the Base Rate. 


 Whatever you want to do with the rate, change the one closest to the name of the rate, the "Mon" rate. Once you start typing the new number, you will immediately see how the other derived rates change accordingly. But they will only change for Mondays if you fail to press the "play"(copy for all days) button and choose "All Restrictions" before Saving. The rule of thumb would be for you to always choose "All Restrictions" in that dropdown menu so that you keep the integrity of the rates in tact.


Most properties will have a Base Rate for each room type. That means you have to repeat this process for the Base Rate of each of them. If all rates are derived from the Base Rate of one room type, your work is done at this point. Just press "Save Changes" at the bottom for good measure. 

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