Set up your cancellation policies

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Here you will learn how to set up the cancellation policy.

We provide a default policy for all new accounts but you need to modify with your own before going live with the system.

 Settings page > Inventory > Cancellation Policy


You can have multiple policies, later we will show you how to use these in various different scenarios


To begin with, we recommend that you just edit the default policy and modify to your needs:


Click the edit button on the right of the policy




Policy Title: Please change the text to reflect the type of policy you have


Example: Non-Refundable or Flexible 24h etc.


This will also help you know what the policy is by the name


Deposit Section:


In this section you must choose how you handle a deposit on booking.
Important: This section is important as we will use later in automations and on the booking engine.


  1. No Deposit Required: This means you will not take any money on booking.

  2. Deposit equal to the total cost: This means your will take 100% of the total on booking

  3. x Night Deposit: Here you can select how many night deposit you require Example: 1 Night.

  4. % Deposit: Here you can select to take a % of the total cost as deposit, example: 20%

  5. Amount Deposit Per Booking: You can take a fixed amount of deposit per booking

  6. Amount Deposit Per Room: You can specify deposit amount per room booked

Deposit Refund

If you take a deposit on booking please specify if it's refundable or not



Further Details

Here we add some additional details - in case of more complex policies. You can also leave it empty if not needed. 


Note: Custom policy lets you write anything you wish!


Cancellation Penalty

Please specify your free cancellation period or custom policy for other details.


Other Details:


Currently we have a breakfast section but this will be depreciated soon, breakfast is specified with Extras and added to the rate plan.



Why different cancelation policies matter

You will be creating more than 1 rate and you want those rates to have same mealplan (room only, for example), but you want one rate to be a bit lower than the other one, so you will make the conditions more strict. You probably got familiar with Standard and Non refundable rates on major OTAs, so in order to distinguish those rates, you need to set different policies. 

After creating rate plans, you will assign the corresponding policy to the new rate plan. So in case of a Standard or flexible rate, you will assign it a flexible policy. To a non refundable rate plan you will assign a non refundable cancellation policy. 

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