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There are 2 types of Reservations

  1. Creating a reservation - 1-4 rooms
  2. Creating a Group Booking - 5 or more rooms

Creating a reservation

  1. Navigate to the plus booking and select simple booking or click on an empty spot in the calendar to create a booking on that date.

  2. Select check-in and check-out dates, rate plan from the drop down list, and room type.

  3. Amend the room details and adjust rates if needed.

  4. Add a customer profile by selecting a customer from the drop down list that appears when you start typing on the input field, or create a new customer with necessary information.

  5. Add any additional details such as agent name, reservation reference, and credit card information.

  6. Save the booking.

Creating a Group Booking

  1. Navigate to the plus booking and select group booking.
  2. Select date range and rate plan, then proceed to next.
  3. Add rooms to the basket by specifying room count and adjusting details.
  4. Review the basket to ensure all rooms are added, then proceed to next.
  5. Add customer details or create a group name for the reservation.
  6. Save the group booking.

Cautionary Notes

  • Ensure all mandatory fields are filled in when creating or editing reservations.

  • Double-check all details before saving to avoid errors in the reservation system.

  • Be cautious when making changes to group bookings as it can affect multiple rooms simultaneously.

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