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Hagstofan is the Statistics Iceland, a government entity which collects accommodation data from the hospitality industry. By law, each hospitality company needs to hand in data each month to them.


Imput Data Manually

You can manually input data on their website by login in to their platform with your ID and manually go over all of your guests and add the data. If you choose this option, you need not read further. 

Connect Booking Factory to Hagstofan

You can connect their servers with your Booking Factory account. This does NOT mean the data is handed in automatically but it certainly makes life a little easier for you.
To connect your Statistical Report to Statistics Iceland, first of all you need to phone their offices to receive your Hotel ID from there. This is usually not given via e-mail or any other way. Once you have that, please to to Settings-Other-Country Specific Settings:

On the left side, you populate information about the property. This is important to have a match with the Hagstofa connection. The right side can be the exact same info but if you like to have one person responsible for this info, you can add a person there. The more important part is the left part of this screenshot.

Room Type configuration: An important note is that in order for the Statistical Report to be valid, all Room Types need to have at least one Bed Configuration set. This is done via the Edit button of each room type in Settings:

Send in Hagstofuskýrsla

If all of the above is taken care of, you should be able to hand in your Statistical Report by navigating to Reports - Statistocal Report and pressing "VALIDATE AND SEND" in the top right corner. If anything is missing from your data, you should have a list of "Errors to be fixed before sending" on the left side.


Please note that by default, Icelandic properties have Icelandic as nationality applied to guests that have not got any applied. Many OTA channels send citizenship or assume it for their bookings so it is unlikely that you need to apply a a nationality manually to every booking but if you do want to have accurate data for your own purposes and for Statistics Iceland, please review the guest names under the UNKNOWN link in Country Report to adjust the nationality. If you have not indeed updated nationalities upon arrival of course. To update the citizenship you go to Edit Guest in the guest tab of the booking.

Useful Links:

-Statistical Iceland Homepage

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