Why is the folio dot yellow?

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The color of the Folio indicates the status of payment on the folio.

When a Folio has been fully paid the little dot next to the Folio should be green and you would be able to change the folio status to receipt.

When there is an outstanding payment the dot will be red and you will only have the option to create an Invoice to send to your customer.

Yellow dot on Folio

When the dot is yellow it means that the folio is overpaid. 

Product amount on that folio is lower than the payment that has been added to the folio. 

This can happen when the wrong folio is selected when payment is added or products have been moved to another folio.

The solution 

1. Split the overpaid amount to another folio if there is unpaid amount on a product there

2. Refund the difference of the overpayment 

3. Add the missing product to that folio

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