Assigning Room Numbers

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Room Setup: How to set up your room numbers and attach them to room types. Rooming list automation. 

After you have created your room types you can now move on and create your rooms and attach them to a room type. Room Setup is where you define the room numbers and prioritise how your rooms fill up by each booking. You can set the room number, mark it´s type and choose it´s priority in having it booked.
Priority means that you might want to sell your best rooms of the same category before selling the rooms with the backyard view. In that case, the rooms with the better view will prioritise as 1st to be filled up by bookings for that room type.


Find "Room Setup" in the Inventory section in Settings.


By default we will have setup some room for you automatically which is attached to the standard double. You can delete and start again or modify the rooms. 


Lets modify the first entry which is "Room 1" by clicking on the edit icon 


Name/Number: Here you can enter the room number such as "1" or a short code. Please keep it short as this will appear on the calendar and other sections.
For bulk upload you can create several rooms at once using "11,23,13,14" or "10-20" for the Room Number as shown below. 

You can also use your internal names, if you do not use the numbers. So you can call it a Tokio room, or a Red apartment, if those are defined names and used by your team. 

Room Type: Select a room type from the drop down list, if not listed then you must go back to room type section to add.
Available Online: We recommend that all rooms are available online, otherwise may lead to unsold inventory. Exception of not selling online is if you have a i.e. Presidential Suite, that is only rented out to governments or VIP clients, and they do not need to book online - you will do the reservation probably by their email inquiry.
Enabled: You will want this enabled. (We use disabled when you have used the room and need to remove as it now has other functions but you cannot delete as you will lose data)

Unneeded Rooms
If you have edited the rooms but theres too many, you are free to delete the unneeded rooms with the X button.


Note: You cannot delete any rooms from the list that have had bookings inside.


Your calendar will now be changed to match your room setup.



Here is an example for Room Setup prioritization:


Let´s say I have total of 32 rooms:

15 Standard Double rooms 

10 Superior Double rooms

5 Family rooms

2 Suites


All of my room numbers from 1-15 are Standard Double. I don´t want to fill my room numbers from 1 to 10 until I have to - because their ocean view is a bit hidden by the trees in front of my hotel. They will be prioritised last. My room numbers from 11-15 are the same room type – standard double, but the view to the ocean is perfect. I will set them as Priority 2 and collect best reviews on those rooms. So, in this case, if the guest books a Standard Double room, they will be allocated into one of the room numbers from 11 to 15 as higher priority, and after those rooms are full then 1-10 get allocated. 

I will continue with adding my Superior Double rooms, of which I have 10: numbers 16-20 are on the louder side of the hotel, so I will prioritise them as 1, and room numbers 21-25 are on the quiet side of the hotel so I will prioritise them with 2 to fill them with higher priority. 

Out of 5 of my Family rooms, room number 26 has a terrace with a playground in front, 27 has a terrace to the beach, and 28-30 have a terrace to the public hotel grounds. In case I had families with smaller children as my most common family guests, I would prioritise room 26 as number 3 to fill it first, 27 as number 2 to fill it second and 28-30 with 1 to fill them last as my guests like those rooms least. However, if majority of my family guests are parents with teenage children, the playground might not be as interesting as the beach access, so room 27 would be prioritised as 3, and playground access room 26 as 2 or 1. 

Both of my Suites are on the top floor and having equally amazing views so I will not distinguish the prioritisation between these two, for guests that book Suites. 

Let´s visualise it: 

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