3D Secure Payments

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Booking Factory offers 3D Secure payments to ensure the security of transactions.
For payments to be secure:
1. The cardholder must possess a card that supports 3D Secure.
2. Payment is required at the time of booking so that the card holder can approve it.
3. Or the hotel can send the guest a payment link through the system for card input and approval.

Please note that if the card on file is charged directly from the system for additional expenses such as a bar bill, this charge will not be 3D Secured.


What are 3D secure payments

3D Secure payments are an extra layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. It adds an additional step for cardholders to verify their identity with the card issuer when making a purchase. This helps reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions and provides more protection against fraud.

Can all charges be 3D secure guaranteed

No because not all cardholders may have cards that support 3D Secure payments, as it depends on the individual card issuer and their implementation of the security feature. However, many major card networks and issuers now offer 3D Secure capabilities for added security during online transactions. 

Why do I need to use 3D secure

If you charge a card that has not been 3D Secure verified, it may be at a higher risk of fraudulent transactions. Without the added layer of security provided by 3D Secure, the cardholder's information may be more vulnerable to unauthorized use. This could potentially lead to chargebacks, disputes, and financial losses for both the cardholder and the merchant. Implementing 3D Secure can help reduce the likelihood of such issues by verifying the identity of the cardholder during online transactions. 

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