Creating Invoices

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How and when to use invoices in your business.


What is an Invoice

Invoices can be made from a folio at any time, this will change the folio into an invoice and the invoice cannot be modified any further. 
Invoices are tax documents and once made cannot be changed, we allow small changes however to:

  • Name and address

  • Invoice Notes

  • Invoice & Tax Date

Void an Invoice

You can void an invoice at any time also, in this scenario the system will copy everything into a new folio and void the invoice showing 0 totals. You cannot delete invoices or voided invoices.


When the balance is 0 on a folio you can create a receipt. Once a receipt is made it cannot be modified or Voided.
If there is a need for amendments on a receipt, the receipt will need to be credited and a ne folio with everything from the receipt will be created to be modified. Credit receipts cannot be deleted. If there is a need to refund a guest after the receipt has been made, you must credit the receipt and amend the folio.

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