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Connecting Channel Manager, setting your Booking Engine and Sales Channels (sources) 

Channel Manager 

This is where you connect Booking Factory to all of the OTA channels you want (, Expedia, Airbnb etc.).

Channel manager can be connected after you have created all room and rate types and set up other relevant information. Please let us know when you have your profile all set up so we can help with the connection. 

Here are instructions on what you need to do in order to map Booking Factory to OTA´s


Booking Engine

This feature provides numerous options. If you have your own website, you can easily copy the URL for the booking engine linked to the book now buttons. Clicking the link will open a new tab displaying all room types you offer. An automatic booking engine is generated for each room type you set up in the system. It's easy to add a separate link for each room on your website. 

You can generate a booking engine for every company or wedding party requiring specific prices, room types, or available booking dates by creating new Booking Engine profiles!

Make sure to modify your privacy policy, as the one you currently have is a default text provided by Booking Factory. You can also add your Terms & Condition on this page.


Sales Channels(optional and needs to be enabled)

Sales Channels will be linked to bookings and invoices. This is for routing reservations when you want a company to be customer, but not guest. Used in the case the company is paying and the folio will be under the company´s name. If the guest adds anything to their reservation, it will be added to the guest´s folio (such as additional services that are not covered by the company). If you do not see this option but wish to use it, make sure to enable the Sales Channels Feature in System Settings: Hotel Features and refresh your page. Click here to see how to set up and use sales channels.


Booking Widget

Booking Widget is used to add the a widget with "book now" button on your website.

You can customize the color and and the fields lightly to fit your website.

When you create the widget you will then have to click on edit to get the code that you need to embed into your website to display.


API and Developers Keys

This is intended for 3rd party connections. 

Developers Keys

This is intended for 3rd party connections.

Key Lock Systems

If your property has a smart key system you are able to connect them directly to Booking Factory.

Connecting a smart key system to your PMS can offer convenience, security, automatic check-in and check-out, efficiency, and improved guest experience, making it a valuable investment for property owners and managers.

Booking Factory is connected to Remote Lock, Brava, Flexipass and Goki.

Click here to see how to connect Remote Lock.

Housekeeping Systems

As an add on Booking Factory connects to Sweeply. 

Sweeply is a housekeeping system that offers a comprehensive solution for managing housekeeping operations in the hospitality industry. Click here is you want to know more

Domain Aliases

Only used for Booking Factory old version of a website (not in use anymore). 

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