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We will show you the basics for each part of the setup. You will find a link to full Inventory collection at the bottom of the page. 



Inventory section is very important and needs to be done right. We suggest spending time and making sure it is well set for the long run. All 7 items in Inventory are explained below. Please use links in the text to get more information and examples. 

We also created an additional collection in supporting the Inventory. Click here to view it. 


This is where you define which restrictions you want to enable and use, and they include: 


Min Stay Through (or minimum length of stay; it limits availability by specifying a minimum number of nights that must be booked for stays that include the selected date during any part of the booked stay period)

Min Stay Arrival (minimum length of stay based on arrival day; a Min Stay Arrival setting limits availability by defining a minimum number of nights that must be booked for stays that include the selected restricted date as the arrival date) 

Closed To Arrival (no arrivals on selected day; only if a guest chooses arrival prior to the Closed to Arrival day, they can book their stay) 

Closed To Departure (no check-outs on selected day; guest cannot book a stay that would include a departure on selected days)

Max Stay (maximum length of stay)

Stop Sell (or closeout; closes available rooms for the selected day)


This is just a selection of restrictions, you will be setting them up in the next steps. 

In case you want to set restrictions that refer to the whole period, or to a season, you will do it in the Room Rate Combinations. If you would like to set restrictions only for some days, or period not defined by a season, you can do a bulk update in Inventory

Room types refer to units that you are selling, It can be a cottage, a room in a hotel, an apartment, a villa, a bed in a dorm etc. 

Click here for more information about defining room types.

You want to add each of your room types (Doube, Single or Triple, Standard or Superior, Apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms, Suites etc.) with precise description, occupancy, facilities and photos to be displayed on your Booking Engine.

We will add quantity of each room type in the next step (Room Setup) so for now it is enough to just stick to creating the pool of room types. Guide for creating room types can be found here.

Ical link makes it easy sync with your Airbnb and similar accounts.

If you need to use Virtual rooms, please chat with us before setting it up. 

Make sure to create same room types as you are already using on OTAs if you will be using a channel manager.


Room Setup is where we will list all of the available rooms by numbers or names you use internally, assign them their corresponding room type and define in which order they will fill up by each booking. 

You can set the room number (or name), mark it´s type and choose it´s priority in having it booked. 


In a simple example, we will just mark rooms 1-15 as Standard rooms, 16-25 as Superior rooms etc... In this case prioritization numbers will not matter since we are selling the room type the customer bought. 

However, out of the 15 standard rooms, do you want the Ocean view rooms full first and collect great reviews? Or is the top floor most quiet and with a beautiful city view? Choose the priority for each of your rooms as explained here. The higher the priority number, the higher in priority will that room be filled. That means that the priority 3 room will be filled before the priority 1 rooms, when a guest is booking that exact room type.

Room allocation for a specific booking can be adjusted manually in the Bookings tab if needed. 


We provide a default policy for all new accounts but you will want to modify the existing one and/or add policies before going live with the system. You will add these policies to the rates in the next step. Create as many policies as you need and this is how you can do it. 


So you are done creating your policies. You can now create your Rate Plans (Video coming soon!) and connect them to the policy that fits. See more details here.

Start in Settings - Inventory - Rate Plans in order to access existing rate plans, delete or add new ones.
Please make sure to create the same Rate Plans as you are using on OTAs in order for us to be able to do the mapping if connecting to channel managers

Here is a simple example of creating a new Rate Plan:

Select Add New Rate Plan

Add the Title (Base Rate, BAR, Standard or Non Refundable Rate etc).

Select Meal Type that is included in the rate. For example, in case the rate you are creating is including breakfast in price, then mark it´s Meal Type as Bed and Breakfast (you can add the Breakfast Extra included - see screenshot below, in order to have the breakdown in the invoices).


Choose the Cancellation Policy from the drop down menu, with options of policies that you previously created here.
Select the currency.
In case you would like to set restrictions such as last minute or early booking, set the min and max days advance (if one field filled in, the other one needs to be filled in too in order to Save).
If you would like to define a specific period for this rate plan to be available, check "Active at specific date range" and select the period. 

In case you select "Derived Rate", you can set a direct calculation from another rate (increase or decrease by amount or percentage). You will do that by choosing the Parent rate as the main rate to be calculated from. 


"One Price for all Occupancies" is for price per room sales. You can also deselect One Price for all Occupancies and have Automatic Calculation for each additional guest in the room (until the room max capacity is reached).

After that you will select "Affected Room types" - select all rooms you wish to have the rate plan active on. The calendar view below will expand and you can have a better overview of what you created. 

Use Room Rate Combinations to add rates for occupancy based pricing (also available in a derived mode).
As final steps before saving, add extras and define how you wish to sell them, and lastly attach taxes (or select Save without taxes) and click Save:



In case I am creating a rate that is only for online channels, and I do not want to display it on my Booking Engine, I will check the box "Only for Channels". 

This option is usually used when you need to duplicate your rates in order to have them in a different currency (some OTAs will not accept your local currency and you need a new rate that needs not be displayed on your own channel)

Then besides having your Standard Rate and Non refundable Rate, you will have them duplicated (set on derived from the mentioned rates) and select a different currency. If you need to add more currency options, this is where to do it


In the Room/ Rate Combinations you will do the main rate changes (default pricing). You can choose different pricing rules based on occupancy of the room, relating it automatically to another rate or room type. 

Do the combinations that you want to have permanent on the default view, before creating seasonality; besides having the default pricing, in the Seasons and Events you will be able to create different seasonality. Room/ Rate Combinations will then offer you the possibility to switch view of pricing from Default Season to the newly created seasons, and you will be able to set pricing per season. Keep on reading to get to seasonality setup. See more details


6. Seasons and Events 

They will enable you to set different pricing based on seasonality of your destination, and mark special events in your area. This differentiation of seasons can be used for creating pricing derived from your default season (or keep them non-related).
It's possible to set up unlimited seasons to manage your rates and restrictions really easily, no wizards or manual edits needed, but if you are doing your daily yielding, please see here how to change rates for shorter periods without setting seasons or events.
The default rate will be the default season, if your property runs with only one price then just leave the default season active. If you have different pricing for different periods of time please read Snorri´s article with detailed instructions for setting up Seasons and Events.

Creating a new season

To create a new season just select the calendar with your mouse for the dates you wish (click and drag) once you release the click a popup will show so you can enter Season name and apply a colour. (If it's an event and not a season you can select "is Event" checkbox.


  1. Click on Calendar and select your dates

  2. Enter name of your season

  3. Once created. Click on the Season Title on the right side of the calendar

  4. It will take you to Room and Rate combinations for the selected season. Edit rate and restrictions and save

Change Rate for Season

Once you have created your Season, click on the Title of the season

This will take you down to the inventory screen Room Rate Combinations for selected season to set prices and restrictions

Changing these rates & restrictions will affect all dates in that season, as you can see we have a Mon-Sun at the top, this allows you to easily set weekend prices, for example.

Remember to save your changes once your done!

If you ever need to go and change some details to a season it's the same steps to click on the rate title and change the rates & availability and save.


Why use season calendar instead of manual changes to rates?

Manual changes to inventory information is perfect for changing a few values, but if you need to change more than a few days it is easier to use the season calendar as you will be able to edit the changes in bulk. You can also easily delete and modify seasons.


If you want to offer discount after the guest has made a reservation for example you have a returning guest that you would like to offer a special discount, you want to offer your employees´ family and friends discount or you have a guest that you need to give a discount due to some issues you would create a fixed discount in settings. These discounts will be visible only on the backend and can be added to any booking.

Creating a discount: 

Using the discount:

Open the reservation card for the guest you would like to add the discount to and go to Folios.

You will need to tick the box next to the item to add a discount on that item. 

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