Finance settings

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All settings relevant for the finance department and invoicing are done here.

Custom Payment Types

Choose which Payment types are accepted in your hotel - later on you will be choosing one of these payment types when charging a reservation. You select what type of payment the guest is using from the drop sown list (this is for all charges that are not charged through a payment provider/gateway)  

Tax Information

You need to create a new tax that applies to your contry. You can have the tax inclusive or exclusive, a percentage or a value etc.

Besides VAT, there might be a city tax or other fees you need to charge and display separately on issued invoices. 

You are able to set taxes on different value based on time periods. 

It is important to set the correct taxes, since next step (Inventory - Rate Types) will require adding applicable taxes to the rates to be able to save new rates, unless no taxes apply. 

This is how the breakdown will be displayed in case taxes are included in price: 



Invoice Settings

Invoice settings will create a template for all your invoices, so you can add logo or other notes you wish to display. The logo will also be added to your Booking engine (remember to untick the box under the logo, use text instead of logo)

Pos Profile

In case you are using a POS from the list, you can add up to one profile per each POS type.



In Currencies, you can add more than your default currency. The default currency is the one that will appear on your invoices and on your Booking Engine. Additional currencies are for the purpose of sending out your rates to various OTAs that possibly do not accept your local currency, so you can add live exchange, for i.e. Euros, GBP, USD etc. 


Accounting Categories

You can edit the existing list or add new items, define all you might be using in your invoicing. You can always come back and add more if needed. This feature will need to be enabled through System settings - Hotel Features


Payment Gateway

This is the part where you are able to intergrade your payment gateway to Booking Factory so you will be able to use automatic charges. Some payment gateways are not available locally so feel free to contact us for more information and help with the integration. In case you have Stripe subscription, you can do the connection in a few clicks.

Payment Terminal 

You can connect directly to your payment terminal. At the moment we connect to Rapyd terminal.

Accounting System

In Accounting systems you can choose from the drop down list. Please note that we keep growing the list with time. When connected with your selected provider, feel free to drop us a line for details.


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