We just launched beta version of the new Housekeeping app!

Just go to top right corner and click on your user name.

From the drop down menu, select Housekeeping.

You will be taken to a log in page - all user levels from your team have access and can sign in.

Your housekeeping team can use it on the go.

At the moment the app offers the basics: mark the room as clean/ dirty, out of use etc.

The status will be copied into the calendar.

The app is currently in beta and we are working on adding more features!

Let us know what you think :)

Other than the housekeeping app, here are a few biggest developments we did in May.


  • Customisable Booking Engine

  • Add accounting system reference number to folio report export

  • Add folio numbers to booking report export, and add payment types to folio report

  • Manually input amount when moving items between folios

In new payment form, when selecting the associated folio the payment amount automatically becomes the folio due amount.


  • Added missing translation for folio

  • Split to another room bug for America timezone fixed

  • Booking notes now editable from booking report

And more!

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