Every guest wants to see a website that will make it easy to find what they are looking for, and ultimately make a reservation. You want that guest to make a direct reservation with you, not through a 3rd party or middle man.

That´s why Booking Factory added an improved website solution:

  • Drag and drop editor

  • Hosting, SSL license and runs on your domain

  • GDPR complaint and custom Covid message

  • Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel

  • Multi language support with Google Translate

  • Google maps integration

  • Photo Editor, Contact Forms

  • Your and client data protected by the banking industry standard SSL encryption.

Read here more about our website builder.

Thanks to your feedback, we also worked on several improvements in March:

  • Remade Dashboard Statistic

  • It is now possible to hide cancelled bookings from the calendar. Configurable under System Settings -> Calendar settings

  • It is also possible to limit old bookings on Calendar

  • We removed decimal points in invoices pdf for some currencies


  • Fixed Xero accounting bug

  • Problem with blank spaces in payment url is fixed

  • Fixed manual refund with foreign currency invoices

  • Running full sync for Channex channel manager at midnight instead of 3am

  • Fixed Datepicker issue in Offers

  • Performance improvements on the calendar made on frontend code

  • Bug fix for update foreign currency rate. If the booking had been moved on the calendar and later on the foreign currency was changed, then the system took into account the removed booking rooms when updating the price.

  • Google tag manager is added to FE

  • Better accuracy (0.01) for folio split functionality

  • ....and more

Also make sure to keep an eye on our integrations page and reach out if you have any questions!

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