Pricepoint has become our new partner and we are happy to connect you with them.

You can also read more about it, sign up for their webinar or request a free trial.

New features:

  • Go to Today button added to calendar

  • It is now possible to edit notes inside booking modal under ‘ROOMS’ tab. Works the same as clicking the notes icon on calendar

  • You can add more than one Credit Card if you don’t have any payment providers, only our channel manager ChannexPCI

  • It is also possible to put entire booking to holding area, not just one by one room


  • Inventory fix and reverted hiding by default derived rates

  • Fixed abbreviations in the calendar such as: Bookings from website are now able to set abbreviation and you can now add / change abbreviation for sales channel Telephone and Walk in, and more

  • Bug regarding sale channels abbreviation in the calendar was sometimes not displaying, should appear normally now

  • Fixed a Xero fix when sending a negative receipt (created after refunding something that has already been receipted)

  • Fix currency rate precision

  • Fix refund for Stripe

  • New simple booking issue fixed when there is no availability for today

  • Updated booking room foreign currency to validate currency short name and to require selecting currency from dropdown before saving changes

And more.

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