Will will just go ahead and say it: HotelMinder has listed us in the top 10 list of the best all-in-one solutions of the year!

And we have new partners we are happy to tell you about.

SalesCloud connection is up and running! Revolutionise your customer journey and let your customers order & pay with their mobile device self-service style.

HyperGuest is now connected to BookingFactory and you can place your rooms for sale to travel providers, including agencies, corporates and meta searches, to automatically book them with real time rates, and the commission you define and control. Find out more about HyperGuest in our Help centre´s Integrations collection.

We also added improvements and new features such as:

  • Hotels can now breakdown the nights for each room in the receipt/ invoice

  • Hotels can now see what room an Extra on a receipt was sold to

  • Icon for booking rooms and easier internal communication

  • Sales channel abbreviation (enable under calendar settings; it is possible to change custom sales channel’s abbreviations under Sales Channels)

  • It is now possible to show first name first (“First Last”) in the calendar instead of the default “Last, First” (need to enable/disable under calendar settings)

  • Performance improvement for rate plans, now only showing base rate category by default in the room rate combinations list

  • Performance improvement for Inventories, now hiding derived rates by default in Inventory screen

and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix calendar bug regarding seasons and bookings

  • Fix a bug in group booking regarding room rates

  • Restricting the option where the users could set certain rate categories as being derived from itself

  • Fix circular derivations of room rates

  • Problem with ‘Simple Booking’ button when there was no availability today has now been fixed

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